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How to connect RaDoTech to my phone / tablet?

RaDoTech uses BlueTooth and connects with your mobile through Application, which you can download for both iOS and Android devices for free.

RaDoTech is a sensor and will not pair with your mobile through regular bluetooth settings. So please do not attempt to pair RaDoTech with your device.
When you will start your testing - App will automatically connect with RaDoTech and blinking blue light will turn green.

Do make sure that you have BlueTooth ON on your mobile device and for some manufacturers (like Sony, Xiaomi and some others), LOCATION must be turned ON as well. And it is important to grant permissions for LOCATION after installing and first launch of RaDoTech Application. We do not track your location but communication through BlueTooth happened to be in this batch of permissions. 

If for some reason connection does not happen in automatic mode - you can always go to SETTINGS and set up manual connection in there with RaDoTech device. 

How does RaDoTech work?

RaDoTech utilizes the Japanese concept of Ryodoraku, which was discovered by Dr. Yoshio Nakatani. 

While measuring the electrical resistance of the skin in one of his patients with kidney disease, Dr. Nakatani found points along the patient’s skin that measured increased electrical conductance (meaning he found a link between illnesses and above-average electrical flows). 

RaDoTech measures this flow and detects energetic excesses/deficiencies and charts this information in an easy-to-read format (see images below). 

Is RaDoTech safe?

Absolutely! RaDoTech uses a small (200 microamp) electrical pulse to detect body system inefficiencies. This is 1000x lower than levels that can be felt by individuals. 

In fact, it is so low, it has no effect on pacemakers or any other electrical implants. The electro scan is as easy and painless as touching your phone screen. So yes, this is safe for everyone in the family! 

How much does RaDoTech cost?

Retail price of RaDoTech is 350$ or 320€, depending on region you are in. That includes live time access of standard version of application of iOS or Android. 

Is there a warranty?

Yes, there is a 12 month warranty.

Do I have to have medical or any special knowledge to use RaDoTech?

No, RaDoTech was created with the average person in mind. Everything is simple to use and easy to read. Just follow simple the directions and you will be all set. 

Will there be consultations available?

Yes, consultations will be available upon request.

Is this a medical device? Has this been cleared through FDA?

RaDoTech is NOT a medical device or drug. RaDoTech IS a noninvasive gadget. Consequently, we cannot receive FDA approval. Similar to most fitness trackers, which are not FDA regulated, RaDoTech simply provides high quality data. It does not replace a doctor nor does it offer medical advice. 

Can I use RaDoTech for me and for my family?

Yes, you can use it for yourself and family members / friends / coworkers. You get 5 profiles in your account, and you are free to use each as you wish.

Will there be API for developers / researchers?

Yes, we are planning on releasing API, so we can begin building a developer's community.

Can RaDoTech be integrated and synced with other devices, such as fitness trackers, blood pressure measuring devices, etc?

Not right now; however, we are planning on integrating our readings with partners in the near future.

Is RaDoTech covered by insurance?

RaDoTech is not a medical device. We may make a transition in the future, but for now, we have no active contracts with insurance companies. 

What can you do with the information RaDoTech provides?

RaDoTech connects with your smartphone to give you snapshots of what’s going on inside your body, so you can:

1: Monitor how your organs and systems are performing

2: See what organs are most active and what organs are experiencing insufficiencies

3: Monitor changes due to treatments or changed behaviors

By simply placing the RaDoTech gadget on one of your representative measuring points, such as your wrist, you are allowing the electrical circuit to travel through your body’s “checkpoints.”

This electrical flow provides a host of measurements specific to how easily it travels throughout the body. The numbers are mapped in such a way that the average person would be able to read and understand what is “normal” and what may be considered an “outlier.”

For example, if you scan yourself and get indications of a digestive inefficiency, you can try tweaking your eating habits for a week. After those 7 days, scan yourself again and observe any changes. 

How accurate is RaDoTech?

Currently, RaDoTech has up to 85% accuracy of a full scale clinical test. With community growth and the evolution of algorithms, along with Big Data and AI machine learning we plan to raise that percentage. 

Does RaDoTech emit radiation? 

RaDoTech has nothing to do with radiation; rather, it uses electric conductivity methods that are both safe and radiation clean.

Where is RaDoTech available?

Yes, RaDoTech ships worldwide.

Do you have an option to monitor the endocrine system?

In future updates, endocrine system monitoring may be brought in. However issues with endocrine system are always secondary and compensatory. There is always a primary main reason that affects the endocrine system. RaDoTech allows you to see functional state of your 12 major organs and find the weakest link in a chain (for which your endocrine system is compensating), so you can focus on the initial primary issue of imbalance.

Can RaDoTech locate a tumor found within the 12 bodily symptoms?

Since RaDoTech is a health monitoring gadget (not a medical device) - it cannot provide you with exact info on possible tumors. However it can provide you with alerts and let you know that you should be visiting your doctor for extra tests and medical examinations. If one of the 12 monitored organs gets ultra low (e.g., nearly 0 or equal to 0) or ultra high readings (e.g., 300% above normal) on constant basis - that's a clear sign that you need to seek professional help.

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RaDoTech is not a medical device by any means. It cannot prevent, treat or cure any medical problems. If RaDoTech gives you any advice - you should consult with your doctor first. Just like any other modern device, it helps you in tracking and monitoring your daily metrics, lifestyle and fitness activities. Nonetheless, if one or more of your metrics levels are low or high and you see alarming dynamics, it would be wise to visit your doctor. 
Even if all your metrics are fine, it does not mean you should skip regular visits to your doctor.