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RaDoTech has made a long, full of obstacles and challenges, way from idea to become a real product. All challenges that we gone through allowed us to make RaDoTech simple enough for common people and families to use,  yet accurate and objective enough to provide useful and valid information that easily understood and can be applied by anyone in their daily adventure for healthy life. Down below you can find a lot of reviews and feedback from real clients using RaDoTech, from all around the world. 
We hope that you also will benefit from using RaDoTech to help you restore, enhance or preserve health for you and your family. 

Sincerely yours
Igor Berlinskiy
CEO and founder of RaDoTech

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Case Study from a CEO traveling to India

I travel quite a bit for work, and recently I got my "lucky ticket" to go to India.

Don't get me wrong - it's a nice country, and the people are awesome! But sanitation is not a strong suit in the area I visited.

It didn't take me long to get a stomach infection. To be blunt... I became well aquatinted with the bathroom in my hotel (and everywhere I needed to go). 

RaDoTech showed the issues with my stomach immediately, which wasn't surprising - I knew I had a stomach infection. 

What did surprise me is that my kidney measurements were lower than my stomach... 

When I realized my kidney numbers were low, I immediately scheduled a doctor's appointment. And I was just in time!

The infection had spread to my kidneys. The doctor said it would have turned into a much bigger problem if we waited for symptoms to show. 

Without RaDoTech I never would have made the extra trip to the doctor (especially with the hectic business trip schedule). 

Ultimately, RaDoTech saved precious time, money, and most importantly, my health!

Ever get headaches for no reason?

One of our beta testers came to us with a great story of achieved results with RaDoTech! 

She used RaDoTech to do a full-body scan of her 8-year-old daughter. The results were shocking, to say the least!

By far, the most worrisome was her daughter’s psycho-emotional state. It was almost 7x higher than average! 

After taking a look at her diet, we realized her daughter was getting WAY too much sugar throughout the day. 

She wasn’t having bags of candy or anything like that. Her sugar was sneaking into her diet through things like peanut butter, bread, and white rice.

We made a few small adjustments to her diet, and after a few short weeks, everything is improving! Especially her psycho-emotional state.

Although it’s still a smidge high, it’s already come down almost 6 full points. And according to her mom, her daughter is getting much fewer headaches, and she has more energy!

Case Study from a mom with hidden gallstones

I'm a 42 year old wife and mom, and for the most part, I take care of my health and overall wellbeing. Yet I recently ran into situation when RaDoTech literally saved me and my gallbladder. 

Both of my parents had their gallbladders removed, but I never thought I was a high-risk for gallbladder issues because I eat healthy food and exercise fairly regularly. 

After receiving the RaDoTech unit, I got familiar with testing myself and got my baseline numbers. Everything looked fairly normal, but overtime, I noticed my lowest result has always been my gallbladder measurements. I started to monitor it daily for nearly a week, and it kept sliding lower and lower, just by a little tiny bit each day. So I went to my doctor and asked for medical checkup. 

Well to my surprise... I got diagnosed with gallstones. And I was told that I got in right in time... If I had waited 3-4 month more, I would have needed gallbladder removal surgery. I was shocked! Even with all the exercise and eating healthy!!

Ultimately, I was able to get treatment and now I am safe. Thank God I don't have to go through surgery, and I am keeping all my organs to my dear self! 

Without RaDoTech I would have never known I had any issues or problems until it was too late. I surely would have joined my family's fate.

Now I do testing with RaDoTech 1-2 times a week for everyone in my family -- myself, my husband, and our son. I now know from my experience how important it is to get to a problem before it gets to you!

Case Study from a dad of 3 with low energy and a few extra pounds

For past 10 years I have been trying to get my weight under control. 

Nothing seemed to work for me the way it should. I track what I eat. I drink a ton of water. I even go to the gym 1-2 times per week. Yes, I know there's always space for more activity, but I don't even go out with friends to drink beer, I spend most of my "free time" at home with our 3 kids.

Getting RaDoTech for our family was originally my wife's idea. I was very skeptical to say the least... But she convinced me that it would save us time and money and help us all improve our health. Needless to say... I gave in.

Little did I know, it would do everything she said it would and much more! Like I said before, I have struggled with my weight for the last 10 years... After getting RaDoTech, I was able to get to the core of my problems in 1 week! 

I started doing scans at different times throughout the day and after different events: before and after sleeping, working, exercising, and so on. Most of the times I would see that my pancreas would be weakest point of all. 

I started to read up on pancreas issues and BAM! All my issues, problems, and conditions with weight loss popped up before me. Turned out I was having issues with my pancreas and that's what was causing my weight problems. It turns out it wasn't just belly fat that I needed to take care of... I also had extra swelling and extra water in my body. 

My wife is into food supplements, so she got me something to help the pancreas. Then, I talked with a trainer at my gym, and he gave me a training program to get rid of all the extra water safely (and for good!). Now after 4 weeks I'm down 15 pounds (about 7 kilos) without putting in any extra time or efforts at the gym. 

I've been thinking about what I would be like if I had found RaDoTech 10 years earlier - physically I would be different man, for sure. But I'm just happy I'm getting my body back in shape again and getting my energy to level that I wanted it to be. Needless to say... My wife was right about this one!

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RaDoTech is not a medical device by any means. It cannot prevent, treat or cure any medical problems. If RaDoTech gives you any advice - you should consult with your doctor first. Just like any other modern device, it helps you in tracking and monitoring your daily metrics, lifestyle and fitness activities. Nonetheless, if one or more of your metrics levels are low or high and you see alarming dynamics, it would be wise to visit your doctor. 
Even if all your metrics are fine, it does not mean you should skip regular visits to your doctor.